How I "Flip" Houses Over The Internet In Random Towns I've Never Heard Of Before

Without hunting for deals, visiting houses, or making offers.

Blair Halver

Jan 25, 2020
A wise man once told me…

“The less I do, the more I make.”
(My mentor, Ron LeGrand)

Well, I took that to heart.

But it wasn’t just him that I learned this from.
Even Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, told the story of how his Rich Dad gave him some similar advice many years ago:

“If you want to be rich, you need to be lazy. And if you want to be REALLY rich, you need to be incompetent, too.”

It’s An Amazing Time To Be Alive

The internet has changed our lives in ways many people never could have imagined.

Old Way:

Remember when you had to actually go to the library to research something for your term paper, and look things up in encyclopedias, and keep all those little 3x5 index cards with your notes and citations and stuff?

New Way:

Now we just go to google and access the sum of all human knowledge at our fingertips.

Old Way:

And do you remember when we had to actually go to a store to buy something we wanted? Drive to the store. Physically find the item in the store. Look at it. Pick it up. Try it out. Bring it to the cash register. Buy it. Take the paper receipt.

New Way:

Now we just click a few buttons on amazon and it arrives at our doorstep a few hours later.

Old Way to do Real Estate Investing:

And do you remember when we had to actually go look at houses, visit with sellers, estimate repairs, make offers, plunk a wad of cash down to buy it, borrow money from loan sharks…

Driving for dollars. Direct mail. Networking. Bandit signs. Cold calling. Texting. Ringless Voicemail…

Focus on just one or two markets, preferably your local market, compete with every other Tom, Dick, and Harry Wholesaler out there, work with a realtor, build up a cash-buyers list, go to REIA meetings…

New Way to Buy & Sell Houses For Profit:

  • Place a tiny little ad online.
  • Property owner in some random town from across the country sees the ad and calls you.
  • Read the script to them.
  • Get contract signed via email.
  • Sell the deal.
  • Receive wire into bank account.
  • Rinse and repeat.

I’ll be totally honest here. It’s actually kind of boring.

It’s gotten so systematized that the business basically runs itself now that I’ve delegated pretty much everything to one good assistant.

Am I rich?

Eh… I guess some people would say so, but it doesn’t feel like it.

I had this idea in my head of what it was going to be like when I reached a certain level of success, but now that I’m there, it’s kinda like, ok, what’s next?

Case in point — my wife just confirmed I was going a little crazy when I told her I wanted to pay over $3,000 to go to Vegas for a 3-day seminar where I could learn how to make money in sports betting using statistical analysis and the phases of the moon to predict outcomes.

Sounds like a joke, but I’m dead serious. I might still do it. We’ll see.

Anyway, I digress…

Back to the real reason you’re here — to learn how I flip houses over the internet in random towns I’ve never heard of before.

Now, you’ve probably heard of “virtual investing” or “virtual wholesaling”. In fact, my friend, Cris Chico, coined the term “virtual wholesaling” probably 10+ years ago.

So the idea of doing a deal in a remote location isn’t what’s so new here.

The new idea is that instead of picking maybe one or two remote markets to do deals in, now we just target basically the whole country.

Actually, there are about 15 different states that are best to target.

What this has done for us is:
  • Essentially eliminates competition from other investors and wholesalers.
  • ​Allows us to deal only with the MOST motivated sellers (skim the cream off the top of the entire U.S. housing market).
  • ​Enables us to do more deals with less hassle, and less hustle.
Of course the flip-side of it is you have to be ready to do a deal in middle-of-nowhere Texas or somewhere if the opportunity presents itself.

But let me ask you — if you had a $30,000 check waiting for you RIGHT NOW in a town that was 1,700 miles away from you, but you had to get there by the end of the day to collect it, would you figure out how to get there ASAP?

I hope you say yes.

The good news is that you don’t have to actually GO to that town to get it. We do everything over the internet now (kinda like how we buy nearly everything else over the internet now, too. Thank you, Amazon).

In fact, we just picked up a deal in Ty Ty, Georgia that we’re planning to turn around and sell for a tidy $45,000 profit.

Have you ever heard of Ty Ty, GA?

I hadn’t either. I had to look it up.

Maybe I’ll go there some day.

On second thought, probably not.

So obviously, we’re talking about a whole new business model from the traditional real estate investing business.

I call this new model…

The “Pipeline Method”

I don’t know, it was the best I could come up with, alright? :-)

See, because you’re skimming the cream off the top of the whole U.S. to find the best fli-… oh never mind, you get the picture.

And don’t get any ideas, I’ve already registered the domain name. Haha

Now, there’s a few key components to doing this.

And they really boil down to three key shifts you need to make in your real estate investing business.

Ready to dive in?

Ok, here we go...

Written By
Blair Halver

The lifestyle real estate investor, famous for creating highly profitable house-flipping businesses without having to hustle 24/7. 
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